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Automatic parts handling requires extensive pneumatic automation. Parker Legris can provide a large range to meet the control of air distribution.

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LF 3000 polymer push-in fittings and flow control regulators

Performance of LF 3000 push-in fittings for compressed air and vacuum and Parker Legris flow control regulators meets most requirements.

Main advantages
. LF 3000 push-in fittings 
- full flow
- vacuum capability (vacuum of 755 mm Hg – 99% vacuum)
- instant manual connection and disconnection, resulting in time-saving
- constant easy connection
- automatic sealing
- suitable for connection to both nylon and polyurethane tubing
- compact and light weight
- one of the most extensive ranges on the market
. polymer flow control regulators 
- compact and light weight
- stability, progressive adjustment and accuracy of flow
- perfectly controlled sealing both externally (tube outlet and sub-base) and internally (adjustment screw)
- instant connection ensures quick assembly with both nylon and polyurethane tubing
- fittings can be swivelled in order to facilitate optimum system design and tubing configuration

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nylon and polyurethane tubing

Parker Legris calibrated nylon and polyurethane tubing is perfectly adapted for pneumatic circuits. Selection will depend on the specific requirements of the installation.

Main advantages
. semi-rigid nylon tubing 
- large range of working temperatures and pressures
- small pressure drop
- strong abrasion resistance
- good absorption of vibration
- constant rigidity, good ageing
- 7 colours for easy identification of circuits

. flexible polyurethane tubing 
- high flexibility and small bend radius
- large range of working temperatures and pressures
- small pressure drop
- good absorption of vibration
- UV resistant
- constant rigidity, good ageing
- 7 colours for easy circuit identification

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C 9000 advanced quick acting safety couplers

C 9000 advanced quick acting safety couplers have been specifically designed to meet the operating requirements and safety standards that apply to all industrial organisations. Extensive research and careful design have enabled Parker Legris to provide meaningful benefits to end users for pneumatic installations which require frequent connection or disconnection.

Main advantages
. 100% safety
- comply with ISO 4414 and EN 983 Safety standards
- disconnection by double twist of the sleeve, preventing whip-lash
- very short vent-time : less than 1 second, even with long lengths of tube
. ergonomic
- light weight, improved hand grip
- virtually effortless connection and disconnection
- for immediate visual identification , each model has clear marking on coupler bodies
. Performance
- very high flow
- extremely low pressure loss
. Interchangeability
- conform to common world-wide standards : ISO B, ARO and European 7,2 profiles
- furthermore specific local national standard profiles can be matched with a probe adaptor as a complementary solution