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PFA Tubing (23/09/2011)


New product launch!

The new Parker Legris PFA tubing range, a competitive, flexible, and versatile solution designed for your technological success!

Parker Legris is launching its new comprehensive range of clear metric tubing in high purity grade PFA, complete with crystal coloured grades and an antistatic grade.

This wide range of PFA tubing is a first-rate alternative to stainless steel tubing, offering greater flexibility, lighter weight and quicker set-up, while ensuring perfect chemical inertia and superior mechanical performance. It allows for potential problem-solving like no other material.

This tubing allows wide coverage of very demanding applications not only in the field of industry, but also in laboratories, in the food industry and in medical environments.
Our range of PFA tubing covers a broad range of working temperatures, from cryogenic to extremely hot (+260°C) and of pressures (up to 35 bar)

This range is FDA-approved and the clear version meets the requirements of USP class VI.

This tubing is available in stock in the metric version, from diameters 4 mm to 12 mm (1 mm thickness) and in protective Tubepack ® packaging; it is also available upon request in other diameters and thicknesses.

The PFA Tubing documentation is available here and on the Parker EMDC e-module (LEAF/0508/EN).