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Piloted non-return valve (11/10/2010)

New product launch! 
The Piloted Non-Return Valve, a new pneumatic fitting, has been designed to protect your devices in Automotive Process, Assembly Machines, Packaging, Material Handling, Robotics, and Machine Tools.

The Piloted Non-Return Valve (PNRV) integrates several different functions in one fitting. Designed to protect your installations, the PNRV is capable of blocking cylinder movement, stopping the cylinder in mid-stroke, and of maintaining loads in the event of pressure loss or emergency shut-off in your pneumatic circuits.

The PNRV also features an integrated manual exhaust button for venting residual pressure after an emergency stop, and a flow regulator for controlling the speed of the cylinder.
With 3 functions combined into one product (piloted non-return valve, flow regulator, exhaust), and both the pilot port and the supply port incorporated into this one-piece fitting, compactness and flexibility are obvious advantages.
Mounted in pairs directly on the cylinder, installation is effortless: all of the PNRV's ports are capable of swivelling into any position, the flow regulator turns on its axis, and the instant fitting (LF 3000) ports guarantee quick and easy assembly.
The 4-page PNRV brochure is available under “Download” at www.parkerconnectic.com and on the Parker EMDC e-module (LEAF/0507).