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automated liquid filling lines

Parker Legris offers perfectly adapted solutions for these requirements : giving reliable and durable performance.

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brass compression fittings

Parker Legris brass compression fittings offer the maximum number of direct fitting alternatives with the minimum number of components. Tube threading and soldering are unnecessary.

Main advantages
- numerous suitable fluids, for low, medium and medium hydraulic pressure
- wide range up to 28 mm o.d.
- full flow


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self-fastening hose and quick-acting barbed fittings

Exclusively designed to be connected to self-fastening hose, Parker Legris quick-acting barbed fittings are easy to connect (conform to CNOMO 115N).

Main advantages
. quick acting barbed fittings 
- connection is quick and easy: no additive nor preparation time is required
- an automatic assembly tool reduces connection effort

. self-fastening hose 
- abrasion resistant
- flexible
- reliable technology
- available in lengths of up to 100 m ; coiled on drums.

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LF 3000 push-in fittings

The large range of LF 3000 push-in fittings meet all requirements for compressed air circuits.

Main advantages
- instant manual connection and disconnection, resulting in time-saving
- excellent performance : full flow, automatic sealing, consistent easy connection
- compact and light weight
- suitable for both nylon and polyurethane tubing
- excellent connection for parallel threaded fittings due to integral ‘O’ ring seals and to pre-coating on taper threaded fittings
- one of the most extensive ranges on the market
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piloted axial valves

Parker Legris axial valves combine the functions of a valve fitted with an actuator. They allow automatic opening/closing of circuits and provide improved security.

Main advantages
- extremely compact, requiring up to 50% less space than an actuated valve
- cost reduction : one single product to install
- easy to assemble : ready to fit
- compatible with numerous industrial fluids
- full flow